Why Dog Is the Best Pet?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 10, 2022

Interacting with a dog actively lowers your stress levels, leading to more relaxation, better mood and less anxiety. One study even found that dogs are more effective at reducing people’s stress levels than their partners.

Are dogs the best pets ever?

Dogs keep you active

Since dogs need regular exercise, they inevitably keep us active, unlike cats, rabbits or birds. Staying active is good for our health, which is why we’ve included “Dogs keep us active” in our list of why dogs make the best pets.

Why are dogs so special?

A: It’s not that dogs have special genes or special abilities to bond with humans. Dogs just have a special ability to bond with anything. Whatever they meet early in life, they will later accept members of that species as potential friends.

Why do I like dogs?

Dogs are kind, loving and compassionate – they forgive everything and never hold grudges. No matter what a dog is doing, it is always present in the moment. If you watch your dog throughout the day, you will find that he is a better person than most people.

Why do I love my dog so much?

Dogs are the ultimate example of unconditional love and they teach us more lessons than we realize. I along with my entire family have so many memories and funny stories that will outweigh the heavy heart that comes with losing a pet. Dogs are goofy, uplifting and really live up to a best friend moniker.

Why do dogs make you feel happy?

Studies have shown that even small interactions with dogs trigger the human brain to produce oxytocin, a hormone often referred to as the “cuddle chemical”. Oxytocin increases feelings of relaxation, trust and empathy while reducing stress and anxiety.

Why are dogs so loyal?

There is a scientific basis for this: Domestic dogs descended from wolves, which humans once took in and tamed with shelter and food to act as guard dogs. This mutual relationship stays in your dog’s genes and their loyalty is a by-product of it.



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