Who Does Lane End Up With?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 4, 2022

Many Gilmore Girls fans have strong feelings for their favorite ladies’ love interests. Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore’s love life is the most talked about, but Lane Kim’s relationships are a close third. Lane ends up marrying Zack Van Gerbig, much to the dismay of many fans.

Does Lane end up with Dave?

Unfortunately, on the show, Dave went to college up west and Lane ended up marrying cute Zack.

Who does Lane get pregnant with?

Brian continued to live with Lane and Zack. Towards the end of Season 7, Lane gave birth to twins: Steve and Kwan.

Do Lane and Zack get divorced?

Zack and Lane were still together and thriving with their two children. But the couple had still not achieved the desired musical success. It left a sour taste in fans’ mouths. Nevertheless, the music was enough for them.

Do Lane and Zach get together?

3. Season 6: Lane and Zack Embark on Married Life

Lane and Zack get married in the Season 6 episode “I Get A Sidekick Out Of You,” which is a huge milestone in their lives. It’s also a big deal for Rory, who sees her best friend grow up and find more confidence.

Why did Laine and Dave break up?

Dave is mentioned a few more times as a long-distance friend, but Lane and Dave’s relationship ends after a marital pitcher fight – the last mention of him.

Does Lane end up with Henry?

Henry eventually breaks up with Lane before they even date due to maneuvers necessary to see/talk to each other, leaving Lane devastated. Rory and Lane’s friendship also falters when Dean comes between them, as Rory gets a bit of tunnel vision when she and Dean first start dating.

Who is Lane’s baby daddy?

This should have been Lane’s big break – her chance to finally be the rock star she always dreamed of being. Instead, she’s married to bandmate and ultimate male child Zack and pregnant with twins after their first time (which she describes as “awful”).

How many kids does Sookie have?

Sookie’s pet name for Jackson is Mushroom Man. Together they have 3 children. One named Davey Edward Belleville, one named Martha Janice Lori Ethan Rupert Glenda Carson Daisy Danny Belleville, and one unnamed at the end of the series.

Who does Rory marry in the end?

In Rory, you have “a new and improved Lorelai,” a docile, people-friendly Lorelai that you can mold into a debutante and marry off to your nice, useless, rich blond boyfriend as you please with the first wanted. Rory doesn’t end up marrying Logan.

Does Lane move to Korea?

“Going to Korea and not having a return date? That was true,” Pai told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview at the time Mrs. Kim (Emily Kuroda) Lane shipped to Korea , without informing her daughter about the return date.

What episode does Lane get pregnant?

This is what you get folks for Makin’ Whoopee.

Do Emily and Richard get back together?

They are a team but struggle with Lorelai leaving them which eventually leads to their break up. They get back together, surviving both Richard’s hospitalization and the suspicions sown by Richard’s annual lunches with his ex-fiancée.

Do Dean and Lindsay get divorced?

Their marriage is being thwarted by Dean’s apparent love for Rory, and he and Lindsay are unlikely to be capable of a serious relationship, let alone marriage, as opposed to a laid-back teenage romance. They get divorced after she finds out Dean cheated on her with Rory after reading her letter to him.



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