Who Does He End Up With in Date a Live?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 11, 2022

Who does Shido love in date a live?

Encouraged by Yoshino and the realization that her death was imminent, Tohka breaks down and openly professes her love for Shido, leading him to tearfully return her feelings. They share a final kiss just before she disappears along with Tenka’s artificial world.

Does Shido end up with Mio?

To atone for her sins, Mio eventually sacrificed herself to protect Shido. When Mio died, she confirmed that she did love Shido, although not as much as Shinji. Afterwards, Shido mourned Mio’s death, although he found solace in the fact that she was able to reunite with Shinji in the afterlife.

Does Kurumi end up with Shido?

In the True End Timeline, Kurumi finally kisses Shido to seal her powers and entrusts him to stop Mio.

What is the ending of date a live?

Tohka is the finale; However, Shido is collapsing and developing abnormal spirit signs, and a spacial tremor will emanate from him that could be more catastrophic than the previous one 30 years ago.

Does Shido love kotori?

After Shido assures her that his love for her as a sister means nothing less than romantic love, she decides to combine their band colors and consequently their two personalities to approach Shido as a loving sister and Mrs.

Does Tobiichi like Shido?

During Spirit’s Battle Royale, after the old Origami was temporarily knocked out by Mukuro, the new Origami took over and won the battle in her place, no less determined to confess her love to Shido.

Does Shido bring Tohka back?

Bookends: Shido finally meets the resurrected Tohka again on April 10, the same date he first met her.

Does Nia like Shido?

The bond that developed between them in that short time was enough for Shido to successfully seal her and save her from certain death at the hands of DEM. After that, she retains her gratitude to him, although she still teases him mercilessly at times.

Does Tohka come back to life?

Being a Pure Spirit, Tohka can revive herself if killed as long as her Sephira Crystal is intact. During the fight against Mio, Tohka was able to recreate her body while borrowing some of the other spirits’ power.

Who does Kurumi love in date a bullet?

Shido Itsuka

After arriving on the neighboring world, Kurumi saw a firsthand perspective of Tohka’s memories, particularly the one where Shido gave the spirit her name. Having lost her memory and identity at the time, the scene moved her so deeply that she fell in love with Shido all over again.

Who does Kurumi Isoshima end up with?

Takeshi Nanase

Takeshi is a childhood friend of Kurumi who she is currently dating.

Who is Queen date a bullet?

In Date A Bullet, the Red Queen is represented by the original Kurumi Tokisaki, who is portrayed as a ruthless but heroic character trying to save the White Queen’s neighboring world and undermine the roles both the Red and White Queens as villains.

Is Shido a Spirit?

Shido Itsuka, originally born Shinji Takamiya, is the main protagonist of the Date A Live franchise. He is a human/ghost hybrid and high school student who works for the Ratatoskr organization to seal the spirits’ powers and fight DEM Industries who are attempting to use the spirits’ powers for malicious purposes .

How many endings does Date A Live have?

Endings. There are 6 normal endings and one true ending. All normal endings must end with “To be continued”, the true ending has “End”. There are many bad endings.

Does Shido seal Natsumi?

She reacted violently, immediately activating her angel and turning everything she saw in her usual form into little children except Shido (who was protected by the accumulated Reiryoku he had sealed ), and left the scene afterwards.



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