Who Does Awesamdude Live With?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 8, 2022

Does Awesamdude have a sister?

Sam has a sister. He’s very good at card tricks, as seen on stream when he showed Tommy.

Is Awesamdude a villain?

Awesamdude, also known simply as Sam or The Warden, is a main character in the Minecraft web series Dream SMP. He appears as a supporting character in seasons 1 and 2, a main protagonist who became the central antagonist in season 3, and the anti-heroic tetratagonist in season 4.

Are Sam nook and Awesamdude the same person?

Awesamdude is Sam Nook’s creator and got him to help around the hotel and protect Tommy. Nook reports all information to him.

What are Awesamdude pronouns?

Awesamdude uses he/she pronouns!

How tall is Awesamdude in real life?

He admitted he was in fact 6’2 and made a joke when he asked if he could be canon 7’4.

Does Callahan speak?

He is known to be a selective mute, meaning he chooses not to speak and only uses in-game chat occasionally.

Is Awesamdude okay with shipping?

Fanfiction: When asked, Sam wasn’t sure what fanfiction was, but gave a tentative okay. Shipping: Sam said he can’t stop people from shipping him and Ponk and that’s why he doesn’t care either, but remembering that he and Ponk are friends in real life and not doing anything for she would be “strange”. p>

Where is Dropsbyponk from?

Ponk was born on April 18, 2000 in Johannesburg, South Africa to parents of African & Of Korean descent, along with a brother.

Is Dream SMP over?

The Disc Saga ended in January 2021 when Dream was imprisoned. Twitch coverage of TommyInnit’s events peaked at over 650,000 viewers, making it the third highest-ever live stream of concurrent viewers on the platform.

Who is the Eret?

Alastair (born: 9 January 1999 (1999-01-09) [age 23]), better known online as Eret (aka TheEret), is an English gaming YouTuber known for , play Minecraft on YouTube and Twitch. They have competed in several MC championships, winning MCC7 and MCC13.

Who is Sam bucket in the Dream SMP?

Sam Bucket is a character in the Dream SMP who likes to annoy BadBoyHalo by asking him for buckets. When Sam Bucket doesn’t get what he wants, he causes havoc and destruction and then blames Bad.

How many people are on the Dream SMP?

In total there are 36 current members on the DreamSMP Minecraft server.

Is puffy colorblind?

She is the third woman to join the Dream SMP after ItsAlyssa and Nihachu. She is color blind. She took a color blindness test on stream which showed she has severe protan color blindness.

Does Ponk use all pronouns?

Pronouns: Ponk uses all pronouns.

How tall is foolish canonically?

Its gun height is 23’3. He also claimed that his blood is 10% gold, but it’s unknown if that was a joke or not.



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