Who are the main characters in Camp Camp?

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How many kids are there in Camp Camp?

Read all. Three children, Max, Neil and Nikki, spent the summer holidays at a dysfunctional campground called “Camp Campbell” which is currently in the hands of camp supervisors, the overly cheerful David and the less than optimistic Gwen. p>

What is Max’s last name in Camp Camp?

Contrary to popular belief, his full first name has not been confirmed as “Maxwell”, “Maximilian” or even “Maximus”; these are actually made by other people making guesses.

Can a 12 year old watch Camp Camp?

The first thing you should know about Rooster Teeth’s Camp Camp animated series is that it is definitely not for kids. You’ll be forgiven if you don’t know this upfront, as the candy-colored characters, who are kid campers themselves, propose a kid-friendly show.

Who is the oldest kid in Camp Camp?

Unlike Dolph, Ered is the largest and probably the oldest camper at the camp.

Is Neil similar to Tabii?

During the first season, Tabii develops an obsessive infatuation with Neil, often seeking his attention and flirting with him. Despite her friends constantly informing her of Neil’s apparent weaknesses, she ignores them and prefers to maintain her affection for him.

What is Magic Kids name in Camp Camp?

Harrison is a Magic Camp camper at Camp Campbell. He is usually seen performing a variety of magic tricks, ranging from simple illusions to inexplicably anomalous occurrences. He has an occasional rivalry with Nerris.

What color is Gwen’s hair Camp Camp?

She wears a dark green Camp Campbell shirt, brown shorts, pink socks and brown boots. She has bangs and a short ponytail that are the same dark auburn, but the rest of her hair is a lighter red with a hanging section on either side of her head that many viewers mistake for one hat held.

How old is Nikki from Camp Camp?

Although not stated directly by any character on the show, page 4 of the camp press kit states that Nikki is 10 years old.

How tall is Max from Camp Camp?

Appearance. Max has dark brown curly hair, neon blue-green eyes, taupe skin, and a dark taupe snub nose. He appears to be very small for his age, almost knee-high like David, resulting in his height being at least 1/3 of David’s height. David seems to be about 1.80 m tall so Max is about 4-5’6.

How old is David from Camp Camp?

And with David’s age (24) revealed on his Tinder profile in “Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected”.

Did David adopt Max?

THANKS FOR THE READINGS, I DID NOT EXPECT THIS TO GROW SO MUCH. max has been trans for a while but no one knew until gwen caught him in his tent putting on his pad… lol, Harrison and Max are both adopted by David.

What is Gwen’s last name Camp Camp?

Gwendolyn “Gwen” is one of the main characters of the animated web series “Camp Camp” by Rooster Teeth.

How old is Jasper from Camp Camp?

Character Information

In the series Camp Camp, Jasper is an eleven year old boy who was officially a camper at Camp Campbell. He died during his enrollment and later revealed how it happened.

Who is Daniel from Camp Camp?

Daniel is a recurring antagonist in Camp Camp. He is a cult leader with a deep devotion to his religious Ultralord Xemug and in all of Daniel’s previous appearances he has attempted to sacrifice humans in Xemug’s name.

When did Camp Camp end?

Daniel is a recurring antagonist in Camp Camp. He is a cult leader with a deep devotion to his religious Ultralord Xemug and in all of Daniel’s previous appearances he has attempted to sacrifice humans in Xemug’s name.

Does Camp Camp have a movie?

Camp Camp (2016) Movie – Tamtam. Years ago, the world’s best outdoorsman, Cameron Campbell, founded the world’s best summer camp – Camp Campbell! After years of success, Camp Campbell is now understaffed and underfunded, and Campbell isn’t seeing the profits he’s used to.

Who is Preston Camp Camp?

Preston Goodplay is a main character from the animated web series Camp Camp created by Rooster Teeth. He’s an aspiring theater actor who was sent to Camp Campbell under the false pretense that it was an acting camp.



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