Where is Selle Italia made?

FAQs Cindy Castillo October 10, 2022

All Sella Italia leather parts and saddles are made in Italy.

Is Selle SMP the same as Selle Italia?

Note: “Selle” simply means saddle in Italian…some people confuse Selle SMP with Selle Italia. This is not the same company.

How do you fit a Selle Italia saddle?

Note: “Selle” simply means saddle in Italian…some people confuse Selle SMP with Selle Italia. This is not the same company.

Is Selle Italia made in Italy?

100% handmade in Italy.

Is Fizik owned by Selle Royal?

Selle Royal owns Brooks, Crank Brothers, Fizik and other brands.

Where are Selle saddles made?

Selle Royal Spa is a Vicenza, Italy company founded in 1956 by Riccardo Bigolin that manufactures bicycle saddles. In 1965 a formal foundation of Selle Royal Sp.A. was made in Vicenza for the production and sale of bicycle saddles.

Is Fizik an Italian company?

Fizik: Born in 1996 as a brand for high performance. fi’zi:k was designed in the USA and handmade in Italy by the world’s largest saddle manufacturer Selle Royal. Fi’zi:k is the phonetic spelling of the word physique and refers to the shape or condition of the human body.

What does SLR stand for in Selle Italia saddles?

A=Selle SMP, B=Specialized Romin, C=SelleItalia SLR. Although B, C widths are almost identical, the SLR starts its arc earlier than the others, making it feel wider, wide enough for me that it didn’t feel right. But again, someone with thinner thighs would be fine with this saddle.

Are Selle SMP saddles good?

The Selle SMP Pro stands out in the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraditional bicycle saddles with its distinctive design, featuring a uniquely sloping shape and one of the most aggressive pressure relief cutouts on the market. Along with its high-end materials and quality construction, it’s our top pick for anatomical relief.

How do you measure sit bone width?

Lay the piece of corrugated cardboard on a flat chair and have a seat. Sit with your feet up long enough to make a good impression. Stand and locate the two deepest indentations left by your sit bones and mark both with a dot. Measure from one point to the other in millimeters with your tape measure.

How do you pick the right size saddle?

If you know your seat size in an English saddle, a good rule of thumb is to choose a western saddle with a seat size two inches smaller than your typical English saddle size. Sit in the western saddle. There should be about four inches of space between your body and the curve of the saddle.

How do I pick the right saddle?

How do I know what size bike saddle to buy?

Place the foil or box on a carpeted stair case and sit down. Then raise your feet to mimic your riding position. When you stand up, your sit bones should leave two indentations. Measure the distance between the centers of the indentations and add 25 to 30mm to find your ideal saddle width.

Where are Selle Royal saddles made?

Selle Royal saddles are the first choice of many bicycle manufacturers and professional athletes. The company is managed in the second and third generation by Barbara Bigolin and her son Riccardo Losio.

Where is Selle Royal from?

History. Over 65 years, a journey that began in the province of Vicenza has made us one of the most renowned companies in the world in the bicycle sector.



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