When Kitten Is Sick?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 10, 2022

The most important thing about caring for a sick cat is helping her get well. One of the easiest ways to do this is to quarantine her from the rest of the home so she can rest and avoid unnecessary interactions with other pets. Let her sleep because sleep is a great way to let her little body heal itself.

How do you know if a kitten is dying?

How do you treat a sick cat?

Make sure your sick cat is comfortable

Your cat needs more attention when it is sick. The cat may not like noise or heavy traffic, so keep her in a quiet place away from all the hustle and bustle. Provide a warm place to sleep, special food, and an easily accessible litter box. Make sure you don’t provoke or try to upset your cat.

How can I help my sick kitten?

Monitor her food and water intake as both are vital to her overall health, especially when she is ill. Have comfortable blankets or towels in her area for her to snuggle into to keep her warm; Make sure they’re washable and something you’re okay with if she might have an upset stomach.

How can I help my weak kitten?

If your kitty seems weak and tired, rub sugar water, caramel syrup, or honey on his gums to boost blood sugar, then call your vet, says Demos. “A kitten with low blood sugar can die very quickly. There’s no harm in giving your kitty some sugar.”

How do I know if my cat is seriously sick?

Sick cats typically show changes in overall appearance, energy levels, sociability, coat appearance and/or shedding, appetite, litter box use, breathing, or eye or nasal discharge . In general, any sudden change should alert you that your cat needs veterinary attention.

Why is my kitten so weak?

If your kitten is feeling weak and sleepy, there is a high chance that she is not getting the nutrients and/or fluids she needs. Providing your cat with these important nutrients can provide the body with the energy it needs for a speedy recovery. Therefore, you must monitor your food and water intake every day.

Is my kitten sick or just tired?

Although they also need plenty of sleep, there is a distinct difference between a tired kitten and a lethargic one. Lethargic kittens sleep all day, and when they don’t sleep they are disinterested in playing (or anything else that isn’t looking for another place to fall asleep).



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