What's the difference between a chukka boot and a desert boot?

FAQs Cindy Castillo October 10, 2022

This is the stuff of nerdy fashion pub quizzes, but the short answer is: desert boots are a form of chukka boot. While most traditional chukkas have a thin sole, desert boots typically have a thicker, spongy crepe sole made from layers of compressed latex (although other forms of rubber soles are not uncommon).

Can I wear desert boots with a suit?

A staple of footwear for decades, desert boots are another stylish boot option to wear with your suit. Desert boots are most commonly found in colors like black, tan and gray and will go with almost any suit, whether you’re dressed formally for work or it’s more of a dressy casual affair.

Are desert boots good for your feet?

They are also good for in-between weather and can keep your feet relatively warm if the mercury drops further than you expected on a spring night. They’re light on your feet so won’t weigh you down and are more comfortable than the minimalist aesthetic they may initially convey.

What season do you wear desert boots?

Sure, they look great any time of the year, but there’s something about fall that makes it a great time to really nail down how to wear desert boots. The desert boot is a staple of modern style for many reasons, chief among them being that it’s both classic and modern and easy to dress up or dress down.

Can you wear desert boots in the winter?

You can wear desert boots in the winter, but they’re not the best footwear for navigating the rain. Crepe soles don’t hold up well when wet, and suede doesn’t mix well with water either. While they look tough and are quite tough, wet conditions are not ideal for desert boots.

Who made the original desert boots?

Desert Boots

Desert boots were developed in the 1950s by British shoe company C. & J Clark. Desert boots were officially introduced to the world with the debut of the Clarks’ Desert Boot at the 1949 Chicago Shoe Fair.

What is the difference between Clarks and Clarks Originals?

There is quite a difference between the two collections; While Clarks was born in Somerset, the idea behind the Clarks Originals Desert Boots – arguably the most iconic of the Originals styles – came from Burma where Nathan Clark served in the British Army.

Who wore desert boots?

Desert boots may be found all over the world, but their origins date back to North Africa, where British soldiers once wore them during desert campaigns (hence the name).

What boots did Anthony Bourdain wear?

He swore by the Clarks Originals Desert Boot. Update: Since it’s Bourdain Day, we’re re-releasing this piece from a little over two years ago that celebrated the man’s fondness for the Clarks Originals Desert Boot.

How do you style desert boots?

He swore by the Clarks Originals Desert Boot. Update: Since it’s Bourdain Day, we’re re-releasing this piece from a little over two years ago that celebrated the man’s fondness for the Clarks Originals Desert Boot.

Can you wear boots with a suit to a wedding?

The short answer: Yes, you can wear boots with a suit. However, not every boot is suitable for the suit. Your bulky winter boots will never complement your highly tailored clothing. Only a classic style and quality material will make you look good.

Are desert boots waterproof?

Clarks Desert Boots have been a popular chukka boot for years and they offer it in a waterproof version. This boot has a Gore-Tex lining that helps keep your feet dry when wet.

Where are Clarks desert boots made?

For over a decade, the brand’s iconic desert boots were made in countries like Vietnam and India, but lately the brand has focused on bringing production back to Europe. While Clarks is now producing again in the UK, it also builds high-end versions of some models in Italy.

What do people wear on their feet in the desert?

Shoes. During the day it’s important to protect your feet from the hot desert sand by wearing sneakers, especially in summer when the sand is scorching hot during the day. And in the cooler season, sneakers keep your feet warm. They are also very useful when walking through gorges and climbing rocks.

Is it OK to wear desert boots in the summer?

Designed from the ground up for hot weather, the desert boot is arguably the quintessential summer boot. And – lucky! – it’s looking just as good for the rest of the year.

How do men wear chukka boots?

For casual wear, chukka boots pair well with any well-fitting denim and t-shirt combo. Add a third layer, like a bomber or Harrington jacket, to amp up the look. Wear darker full-grain leather chukkas for chic and business-ready outfits. In more formal situations, opt for slimmer toe boxes.



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