What Episode Does Jj Have Her Second Baby?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 5, 2022

Henry is born. Henry was born during “Memoriam” and after the team was able to meet him after completing a case, JJ asked Reid and Garcia to be Henry’s godfather and godmother, respectively. In “Normal”, after the team solves a case, JJ takes Henry to BAU HQ and the team takes turns holding him.

What is the name of JJ’s second son?

The couple’s second son, Phoenix Sky, was born in July 2015. He also appeared in Criminal Minds as Jareau’s second son, Michael.

Was JJ pregnant season 11?

A. J. Cook announced her pregnancy, a fact that carries over to her character, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau. Showrunner Erica Messer explained in an interview that Cook’s character JJ would not appear in the first five episodes of the season because Cook is on maternity leave.

Does JJ ever have another baby?

Season Ten

After Kate’s pregnancy, JJ informed Reid in “The Hunt” that she was pregnant with another baby and that he could count on a lot more godchild or goddaughter to his joy and surprise. Her pregnancy means that she is temporarily leaving the BAU on parental leave.

Does JJ in Criminal Minds have 2 kids?

Relationships and Family

Jareau is married to Will LaMontagne, Jr. They have two sons, Henry and Michael. As of Season 13, she and Matt Simmons (Daniel Henney) are the only members of the BAU who are married and have children.

What episode does JJ come back after having her 2nd baby?

JJ worked throughout her pregnancy until “Memoriam” when she went into labor. She then went on maternity leave, her position being temporarily filled by Jordan Todd until she returned in “Cold Comfort“.

Does JJ have a miscarriage?

The truth has finally come out. JJ’s (A.J. Cook) mysterious work with the State Department was finally revealed on Wednesday’s episode 200 of Criminal Minds — along with her and Cruz’s (Esai Morales) big secret: She suffered a miscarriage during her mission.

Why is Reid not in season 11?

For Matthew Gray Gubler, his contract included time off to work on other projects, which is understandable considering he played the same character for 11 years. As for his character, the early absences were explained by Reid visiting his mother.

Who is Spencer Reid’s wife?

Did JJ and Will Divorce?

William “Will” LaMontagne, Jr. is a recurring character on Criminal Minds. He is currently married to SSA Jennifer Jareau.

Is JJ pregnant in season 12 of Criminal Minds?

really pregnant on ‘Criminal Minds’? Yes, J.J. was really pregnant on Criminal Minds. In particular, the actress who J.J. (whose character’s full name is Jennifer Jareau), A.J. Cook was the one who was actually pregnant during filming.

What happened in season 15 episode 2 of Criminal Minds?

The BAU decides that one of Grace’s former classmates could be their next target. Grace contacts Charlotte, her former roommate with whom she was in a gay relationship. They kidnap Charlotte and remove her thumbprint. Diana tells Reid that she has been waiting for his father to return.

What episode does JJ give birth Station 19?

JJ gives birth to a healthy baby girl in Ward 19 Season 3 Episode 6.

Is JJ son her real son?

Two supporting characters on the show were JJ’s sons, Henry and Michael. If audiences could sense a certain natural chemistry between the children and their mother, it was with good reason. According to TV Insider, the duo was played by AJ Cook’s real-life sons, Phoenix and Mekhai.

Who replaced JJ in season 6?

More stories from Nellie. EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Nichols is in negotiations to join the cast of CBS’ Criminal Minds as a series regular, the series’ first regular since Joe Mantegna took over from Mandy Patinkin in 2007. Nicholson was originally tapped into a 3 episode arc that will air next week.

Does JJ cheat on Will?

Erica Messer wants to clarify: JJ and Cruz are not having an affair at Criminal Minds. “I’ll say it again: you haven’t had and don’t have an affair,” the showrunner tells “It only seems so.”



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