The Oc Does Theresa Have Ryan's Baby?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 11, 2022

Last appearance. Daniel Diaz was a supporting character on The O.C. He was portrayed by an unknown. Daniel is the son of Theresa Diaz, she tells Ryan in season 3 that she took a paternity test and the father is Eddie.

Does Theresa have Ryan’s baby?

Theresa eventually lies to Ryan about her pregnancy and tells him that she lost her baby so he could return to Newport Beach, and whose baby she is secretly delivering is never fully explained . Ryan could have been the father, but it remains a mystery.

Does Ryan have a kid in the OC?

Theresa considered having an abortion but ultimately decided to have the baby and returned to Chino. Wanting the baby to have a better childhood than his, Ryan left Newport to help Theresa and the baby, who was thought to be his at the time.

Does Marissa get pregnant in the OC?

Marissa and Ryan’s relationship is strained again when Theresa comes to Newport Beach towards the end of the season after suffering domestic violence from her boyfriend Eddie. Theresa tells Marissa she’s pregnant and doesn’t know if the baby’s father is Ryan or Eddie.

Does Kirsten have a baby in the OC?

Later in the season, on her 40th birthday, Kirsten found out she was pregnant. This reminds her of the time she was with Jimmy Cooper. During the big earthquake she is injured with bruises, but fortunately her unborn daughter was not hurt, the girl is then born in the final.

Does Caleb adopt Lindsay?

On her first day at Harbor School, a lot of people taunted her for it. After Caleb’s heart attack, he decides to formally adopt Lindsay as his daughter.

Do Seth and Summer have babies?

Seth and Summer moved to New York a long time ago (which essentially makes Seth’s annual trips to ComicCon so much easier), and are busy raising their 15-year-old son, who is handsome , but is awkward and clumsy trying desperately to figure out who he is.

Do Ryan and Taylor end up together?

Despite Taylor and Ryan’s affection for each other, Taylor ends up letting things stand until she can become a more independent person. She seeks help from a therapist, but realizes that she and Ryan are right for each other and get back together.

Who does Ryan end up with OC?

In the series finale, after a 6-month flashforward, Ryan helps the Cohens find a new home, mirroring the offer they made him in Season 1. Ryan continues to rekindle his relationship with Taylor. b> as they both have to face college attendance in different countries.

Who does Seth Cohen end up with?

Seth married Summer in the series finale. His other relationships were with Anna Stern and Alex Kelly. Seth’s goal was to attend Brown University, but he ended up going to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and continuing to work on his comic Atomic County.

Why was The O.C. Cancelled?

Unfortunately, ratings were an insurmountable obstacle and Fox canceled the show, but not before the writers gave the characters an emotionally satisfying final goodbye. All four seasons of The O.C. stream on HBO Max.

Did Ryan and Marissa ever sleep together?

Here’s a very special episode of The O.C.: Marissa and Ryan had sex.

Did Kirsten get an abortion?

In the Season 1 finale, Kirsten hints to Theresa Diaz, Ryan’s pregnant ex-girlfriend, that she had an abortion early in life.

Does summer get pregnant in the OC?

Just before New Year’s Eve, Summer is scared of pregnancy and Seth proposes to her. Despite Summer finding out she’s not pregnant, she and Seth decide to continue their engagement.

Does Sandy cheat on Kirsten in the OC?

Sandy briefly cheated on Kirsten when his first love, Rebecca Bloom, came to town. Then Kirsten becomes an alcoholic and also cheats on her colleague Carter Buckley. Although they both had affairs, the two realized that their love for each other was much stronger than any other relationship.



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