Ragdoll Kitten?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 6, 2022

Berapa harga kucing Ragdoll?

Ragdoll without pedigree: IDR 2.5 million – IDR 3 million. Ragdoll with pedigree: IDR 4 million – IDR 6 million. Ragdoll breed quality: IDR 10 million – IDR 12 million. Ragdoll with the best quality: IDR 25 million – IDR 30 million.

Kucing Ragdoll makan apa?

Ragdoll jenis kucing apa?


Ragdoll is a large cat with a broad chest and large pelvis, with males weighing around 5.4–9 kg (12–20 lbs) and the Females weigh 10–15 kg (5.4–6.8 kg). The fur of the ragdoll is medium-length and has a texture like rabbit fur.

Berapa harga kucing anggora yang kecil?

Berapa harga kucing himalaya?

The price for a Himalayan cat in your own village or a Himalaya mix ranges from 800,000 IDR to thousands of rupiah. While the original Himalaya starts at Rp. 1,000,000,000 rupiah for a 2-month-old cat, reports

Berapa harga kucing Russian Blue?


Russian Blue is known for its thick, grey-blue fur and bright eyes. The cat of the Russian Blue breed is expensive because it is relatively rare. The price of this cat starts from IDR 7 million – 42.48 million.

Apakah kucing Ragdoll pintar?

Speaking of intelligence or level of intelligence, the ragdoll cat is classified as a smart pet and is obedient to its owner.

Apa yang dimaksud kucing Mixdom?

Mixdom cats are cat breeds that are created from a mix of domestic cats and cats of any breed. The term “Mixdom” itself is a short form of domestic mix. Mixdom cats are one of the simplest types of cats that we come across.

Kucing persia medium itu apa?


medium Persian cat is a species of cat that is the result of crossing a Persian cat with a native cat. Compared to other Persian cats, the medium-sized Persian cat has different general characteristics. This trait can be seen in the face shape, which is more pointed than that of the Persian, which is generally round.

Berapa harga kucing anggora yang asli?

True Angora cats are quite expensive in Indonesia. Quote from, cat age 3 was not vaccinated for IDR 3 million. While the cats that were vaccinated reached Rp 7 million. Angora cat 6 months old and not vaccinated the price is around IDR 8-9 million.

Apa ciri ciri kucing anggora?

  • Triangular head shape. His face looks like a triangle because the top part is wider and narrower to the chin.
  • Almond-like eyes. The almond-like eyes make Angora even more endearing.
  • Long and slender body.
  • A sharp nose.
  • Long coat.

Apa saja jenis kucing anggora?

  • Angora x Angora. True Angora cats usually have an unchanged coat color, mostly pure white.
  • Angora x Persian. If you want a lower price, you can keep a mixed Angora cat.
  • Angora x Kampung.



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