Is Tom Felton Married?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 9, 2022

Is Tom Felton still married?

Has Tom Felton ever been married? No, Tom has never been married. Tom Felton was in a relationship with Jade Olivia Gordon for eight years – from 2008 to 2016. Jade played Tom’s character Draco Malfoy’s wife Astoria Greengrass in the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Is Tom Felton married to Emma Watson?

Harry Potter fans, we have the sad news that Tom and Emma are not dating but they remain best friends since they met on the film series 20 years ago.

Did Emma Watson and Tom Felton ever date?

Did Tom Felton and Emma Watson ever date? Not officially – both Felton and Watson have confirmed that they were never together while filming the Harry Potter films.

Who is Tom Felton girlfriends?

Jade Olivia Gordon was a stunt assistant on the sets of the Harry Potter film series when they first met. She had also played his wife Astoria Greengrass in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in the film’s final scene, “19 Years Later”.

Who is Emma Watson husband?

Emma Watson has deliberately kept her love life hidden from the public eye for years, but in May 2021 the Daily Mail reported that Watson was rumored to be engaged to Leo Robinton, her boyfriend from over a year, after the two were photographed together on May 13, 2021.

Who is Daniel Radcliffe’s wife?

Who is Draco married to?

Draco married another Slytherin’s younger sister. Astoria Greengrass, who had undergone a similar (though less violent and frightening) conversion from pureblood ideals to a more tolerant outlook on life, was felt by Narcissa and Lucius as a kind of disappointment as a daughter-in-law /p>

Who has crush on Emma Watson?

Shawn Mendes, for example, has publicly gushed about the Little Women star many times. In June 2019, the “In My Blood” crooner said during a Q&A with fans, “I just still love Emma Watson and I would tell her that. When I met her I was really embarrassed.”

Are Tom and Emma dating 2021?

After years of fan speculation, Emma Watson and Tom Felton have just squashed all rumors that they ever dated. Special, “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts.” Felton and Watson, who played Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger, spoke about the platonic love they have for each other on set after meeting.

Did Emma have a crush on Tom?

This isn’t the first time Emma has opened up about her childhood love for Tom. “For the first two movies, I had a huge crush on Tom Felton. He was my first crush,” she told Seventeen in 2011.

Who is Leo Robinton?

Leo is a businessman

According to The Sun, Leo is reportedly a 32-year-old Los Angeles businessman who used to work for a company that specializes in legal cannabis . Before meeting Emma, ​​he left that position in June 2019.

Who is Emma Watson ex?

Francis Boulle

Francis also explained why he decided to break up with Emma. “I’ve always been an ambitious person and I want to gain my own recognition for what I’ve done. So I decided not to pursue it any longer because I didn’t want to be a child actress’s boyfriend. ‘ he said.



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