Is Lee Asher Married to Luke Barton?

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Who is Lee from the Asher house?

For over two years, our founder, Lee Asher, traveled across 49 states promoting dog adoption and spotlighting various animal shelters and shelters. After his pit bull Stella died, Lee was determined to fulfill his lifelong dream of creating a sanctuary where animals can feel valued, protected and free.

How tall is Lee Asher?

Where is the Asher house located in Oregon?

The Asher House is located in Estacada, Oregon.

Is No dogs left behind legitimate?

UPCOMING EVENTS. No Dogs Left Behind is a 501(c)(3) registered international non-profit organization. Our revenue is primarily based on the generous donations of our dedicated supporters who have joined us to fight against animal cruelty around the world.

How many dogs does Lee Asher have?

For Lee Asher, the limit does not exist. Welcome to The Asher House sanctuary in Oregon, where 21 rescue dogs, 2 donkeys, some pigs, an alpaca, a goat and a socially awkward llama are given a second chance in an animal paradise.

Was Lee Asher an actor?

Lee Asher is an actor and cinematographer, known for That Thing You Drew (2010), My Pack Life (2022)…

Who owns the Asher house?

Lee Asher is deep in the doghouse, aka “The Asher House”… but wouldn’t have it any other way, having ditched a 6-figure corporate gig to start his own set up an animal shelter!!!

Where is New Life Asher House?

The Asher House is a registered non-profit sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon. They offer a life of comfort, love and adventure to animals that are discarded or unwanted.

Where can I watch Asher’s house?

My Pack Life with Lee Asher’s Animal Sanctuary, The Asher House, premieres Sunday, February 13 on discovery+ and Animal Planet | Discovery+ Press.

Where is MY PACK LIFE filmed?

13. My Pack Life follows Lee Asher as he saves dogs by traveling across the US to promote animal adoption. At his 25-acre Oregon retreat, The Asher House, Lee has given home to rescue dogs, donkeys, pigs, an alpaca, a goat and a llama.



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