Is All of Us Are Dead a Webtoon?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 11, 2022

Yes, All Of Us Are Dead is based on a manhwa, also known as a webcomic, titled Now at Our School. It’s by Joo Dong-geun and the translated version is now available on Webtoon, the app. The show’s theme is a zombie apocalypse, set in the modern-day South Korean city of Hyosan.

How do you read All of Us Are Dead webtoon?

‘All Of Us Are Dead’ is available on Readers can access up to five free chapters each day or read the entire webtoon along with coin passes.

Is All of Us Are Dead finished?

Although the show’s title suggests a final ending, some of the students make it out alive. Though some fan-favorite characters don’t survive long enough to be rescued (Justice for Cheong-san!), the series marked a fresh start for the survivors and potentially set the stage for a second season.

How many episodes are there in All of Us Are Dead webtoon?

All of Us Are Dead consists of one season with twelve episodes with a running time of 53 to 72 minutes. The full series was released on January 28, 2022 on all Netflix markets worldwide. no A group of thugs, led by Son Myung-hwan from Hyosan High School, attack fellow student Lee Jin-su.

Is Cheong-San Dead webtoon?

This netizen and several others believe that Cheong-san not only survived the blast, but is a hambie, half-human, half-zombie, like Choi Nam-ra. Cheong-san lives!

Is Squid game a webtoon?

It’s no secret that Hwang Dong-hyuk originally wrote Squid Game over a decade before the Korean drama became an overnight megahit for Netflix. However, the writer-director recently revealed that before the streaming giant picked up Squid Game, it was actually considering adapting its story into a webtoon series.

Is All of Us Are Dead connected to train to Busan?

No, Train to Busan has nothing to do with We’re All Dead

Korean dramas on Netflix have become a booming streaming market, and this trend seems to be continuing the release of All of Us Are Dead.

How did Jin Su become a zombie?

After being hit by his goons, Jin-su suddenly stands up and charges at Gwi-nam, one of his goons. His eyes become bloodshot and he turns into a zombie.

Did Nam-ra survive?

The Last Standing

It’s a dangerous mission and On-jo asks to keep it secret, but of course the loyal other students show up to help. The crew sneaks back into the school and finds Nam-ra, who survived the blast.

Is hyosan real?

Hyosan High School is one of the highlights of Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead as it is where most of the gruesome action takes place. As director Lee Jaekyoo shared, the fictional school is actually a four-story set piece that was built from the ground up on set.

Does the class president turn into a zombie?

It’s not uncommon for him to leap head over heels into danger, walk over the ledge of a building, or make highly risky jumps. His affection for class president Choi Nam-ra also proves unexpectedly dangerous after she was bitten and turned into half a zombie.

Is Cheong-san a Halfbie?

Nam-ra mentions in the finale that she lives with more half-bucks like you. Cheong-san could be one of those half-bucks and could be one of the recurring characters of All Of Us Are Dead Season 2, but that’s not certain. Cheong-san’s death could still be final regardless of the name tag.

Will there be All of Us Are Dead season 2?

Korean-language zombie apocalypse horror series All of Us Are Dead will return for a second season, streaming platform Netflix has announced. The streamer shared the news on its official Twitter page on Monday night. “All of Us Are Dead has been renewed for Season 2!

Why did Cheong-san sacrifice himself?

Cheong-san faced death several times during the action-packed series, but he was bitten by his former classmate Gwi-nam and ended up being infected. When a pack of zombies tries to prey on his friends, Cheong-san sacrifices himself by dragging the pack away from his friends.



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