How do Lib Tech surfboards feel?

FAQs Cindy Castillo October 9, 2022

Whether it’s small or muddy (any size) surf, this is a good “go to” board in your quiver. Lib Tech construction feels good on and off the water. The board is relatively light but not too light to lose momentum in choppy conditions.

Where are Lib Tech surfboards made?

Every Lib Tech board is proudly Mervin Made in the world’s greenest board factory Mervin Mfg! Mervin is a dream factory in a dream location, making dream boards using dream materials and processes.

Do Lib Tech surfboards absorb water?

The foam core is Nitrogencell, a closed-cell (does not absorb water) foam with an elongated cell structure said to be better for compressive strength and energy return.

What is the most durable surfboard?

Having sold thousands of surfboards helping people at all levels of surfing experience, we’ve found that epoxy surfboards are far more durable. We estimate that an epoxy surfboard is 30-50% stronger than a traditional poly surfboard construction.

Does Burton own Lib Tech?

Lib Technologies is an American snowboard manufacturer known for their radically innovative approach to snowboard design. Often referred to as Lib Tech, the company falls under the umbrella of parent company Mervin Manufacturing. Surf company Quiksilver bought Mervin in 1997.

Why is it called Lib Tech?

Born from the ashes of GNU snowboards, Lib Tech has been at the forefront of ecological design and cutting-edge technology since the late 80’s. The name comes from the time when founder Mike Olson incorporated sweater fabric into a skateboard prototype.

Are Gnu and Lib Tech the same?

Mervin is the parent company of Lib Technologies (aka Lib Tech), GNU Snowboards, Roxy Snowboards and Bent Metal Bindings.



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