Does Yang Actually Have a Baby?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 10, 2022

Theo Hunt is the son of Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang.

Did Cristina actually have a baby?

It seems that Cristina is not pregnant and the baby is just a figment of her imagination. Episode 17 of Season 10, titled Do You Know?, will take on a sliding door format, with Cristina contemplating the two paths her life could have taken based on her choices.

Do Cristina and Owen actually have a baby?

10 Your Pregnancy Problems

While Cristina was debating whether or not to have an abortion, she was soon rushed into the operating room with an ectopic pregnancy. The operation almost went wrong, but luckily she survived. While she was with Owen, Cristina became pregnant again and ended up planning another abortion.

What episode does Cristina give birth?

“Fear (Of the Unknown)” is the twenty-fourth episode and the season finale of the tenth season of the American medical television drama Grey’s Anatomy, and the 220th episode overall. It aired on ABC in the US on May 15, 2014.

Does Dr Yang get pregnant?

Yang discovers she is pregnant with Hunt’s child and decides to have an abortion. Although Hunt accompanies her to the abortion, he is extremely upset with her decision.

What happened to Christina Yangs baby?

In 2011, a rare event happened on American television: Cristina Yang, one of the main characters of Grey’s Anatomy, a popular television show, decided to have an abortion and enforced her decision . p>

Does Cristina have a baby in Season 7?

Meredith and Derek consider adoption while Cristina finds out she’s pregnant with Owen’s baby. While Owen is happy with the news, Cristina isn’t exactly happy about the fact that she’s pregnant. When Derek finds out what Meredith has done, he leaves and that same day Meredith gives birth all by herself.

Does Christina have a baby in Season 8?

Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) decides to have an abortion, which threatens her relationship with Hunt. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) co-parent their baby with Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), who remains in a relationship with Lexie Gray (Chyler Leigh).

Did Burke know Christina was pregnant?

Cristina became pregnant after a sexual encounter with Preston Burke. She planned an abortion shortly after finding out she was pregnant. She put off telling Burke about the pregnancy and made the decision not to tell him after he broke up with her. During a thoracotomy at Dr.

Does Burke come back?

Preston Burke in the first three seasons of hit ABC series Grey’s Anatomy will return for an episode in May after a seven-year absence. Washington left the show in 2007 after being accused in relation to his gay co-star T.R. to have used homophobic slurs.

Did Christina have an abortion?

In 2011, a rare event happened on American television: Cristina Yang, one of the main characters of Grey’s Anatomy, a popular television show, decided to have an abortion and enforced her decision.

Does Christina ever see Burke again?

Throughout seasons 5-10, fans watched as Cristina and Owen dated, married, divorced and started dating again. Yang’s loss to Harper Avery in Season 10, however, led to her getting back together with Burke.

How many kids does Owen Hunt have?

At that moment fans started yelling at Owen to get a vasectomy because the man is going to have three babies now. Owen adopted baby Leo, whom he is raising with Amelia. He just had baby Allison with Teddy Altman (Kim Raver). Now he could have another baby with Amelia!

Who does Burke end up with?

Burke is currently married to Edra Burke, with whom he has two children: Simone and Vivianna.

What episode does Burke find out Christina is pregnant?

Make Me Lose Control is the third episode of the second season and the 12th episode overall of Grey’s Anatomy.

Who does Yang end up with?

Christina Yang & Owen Hunt – After the shooting, Cristina and Owen decided to get married.



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