Does Twice Live Separately?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 9, 2022

No, they are all very close. However, some are closer than others. Jihyo and the Unnie Line (2Yeon) are very close and often go out and drink together. Sometimes with Momo as she is super close with all members.

Do TWICE live together?

With the nine-piece band’s apparent success over the years, it wouldn’t be surprising that they’ve already moved into new joint entities. Accordingly, it is assumed that Nayeon and the rest of the group are still living under the same roof.

Is TWICE still together?

1. Twice. The popular nine-piece group, formed by survival show Sixteen, debuted under JYP Entertainment in October 2015 – and is still going strong with regular promotions and music releases.

Who is Nayeon’s roommate?

Two pics on Twitter: “Two roommates: – Nayeon , Sana , Jihyo & Mina – Jeongyeon & Momo – Dahyun , Chaeyoung & Tzuyu” / Twitter.

Where is TWICE active?

Does ITZY live together?

In their dorm, Yeji and Ryujin are roommates, Lia and Yuna are roommates, and Chaeryeong has her own room.

Where are BTS dorms?

It is part of an exclusive complex called Hannam THE HILL. Various other South Korean celebrities live in the neighborhood, so security is top-notch. In addition to their official dorm, many of the BTS members also have their own apartments.

Who is TWICE boyfriend?

Two Friends and Ideal Types

Jihyo, the group’s leader, has confirmed that he is dating former Wanna One member and Korean solo artist Kang Daniel. According to, their relationship is recognized by JYP Entertainment and Kang’s agency, Konnect Entertainment.

Who will disband in 2021?

Which K-pop group will disband 2023?


BLACKPINK debuted in August 2016 under YG Entertainment. Her exclusive contract is expected to expire in August 2023.

Who share rooms in Twice?

All of Twice have their own rooms as stated by members or shown in VLives (NaSaMo in particular have all made VLives from their rooms). Dahyun and Tzuyu live together because in their vlive Dahyun walked into her room and Tzu said it was full of Twice Merch. 90% of arrivals/departures of M&M promotions were divided into these three groups.

Who are roommates in BTS?

After their debut in 2013, BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook shared an apartment where they all slept in the same room. The arrangement lasted until the end of 2016, when they moved to a larger apartment and shared rooms in pairs.

Who is Chaeyoung’s roommate?

The Maknae line Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu share a room.

What is TWICE haters called?

The haters of TWICE have their own fandom name, THRETIME.

Is TWICE still popular in Korea?

Even if they are not as successful there, they are still very popular in Korea and Japan. They ranked #7 on Gallup, #3 for girl groups. Much higher than some other groups that people say are more popular than them.

Who has the shortest training period in TWICE?

Two pictures on Twitter: “Training period for members: Jihyo: 10 years Nayeon – Jungyeon: 5 years Sana – Momo – Chaeyoung Dahyun: 3 years Tzuyu: year & half Mina: 1 year” / Twitter.



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