Does Karev Have a Baby With Ava?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 6, 2022

After the birth of their daughter, Ava’s memory eventually returns, although she tries to hide it from Alex as she recently left a bad marriage. He convinces her to tell him her true identity and she turns out to be Rebecca Pope.

Does Karev have a baby with Rebecca?

Alex finally saw that Rebecca wasn’t actually pregnant and became slightly concerned when she didn’t listen to him, instead insisting that she had lost the baby. He took her home and decided to take care of her, ignoring Izzie’s comments about Rebecca “not looking very good”.

Is Ava pregnant with Alex’s baby?

Months later, Ava learned her true identity was Rebecca Pope, a married mother of one child, and returned home. But Ava continued to visit Alex in the hospital, even telling him she was pregnant with his baby. Izzie later revealed that Ava wasn’t actually pregnant and was just trying to get Alex to keep dating her.

Who does Jo Karev have a baby with?

What happens between Alex and Ava?

Rebecca Pope (aka “Ava”) was a patient in a ferry accident. She was taken to Seattle Grace Hospital, where she bonded with Alex, but later left when she regained her memories. She reappeared later and even though they loved each other cut her wrists and almost died so…

What happens between Alex and Rebecca?

Alex and Ava Rebecca

And it made for some pretty compelling drama. We eventually found out that she was actually Rebecca Pope. And after leaving Seattle Grace to go back to her family, she returned to tell Alex she loved him. Then she told him she was pregnant with his baby.

Who does Alex Karev end up with?

Grey’s Anatomy shocker: Alex Karev meets Izzie Stevens again. On the March 5, 2020 episode of Gray, viewers were stunned when it was announced that Alex had left Seattle to reunite with his former flame, Izzie, and that they were happily raising their two young twins on a horse farm in Kansas .

Why are Ava’s teeth GREY’s anatomy?

In her first appearance on the show, Reaser, who plays an unidentified but heavily pregnant and injured woman, was crushed by a heavy pylon that shattered her face and broke all her teeth during a major ferry accident on Seattle’s Puget sounds.

Does Burke come back?

Preston Burke in the first three seasons of hit ABC series Grey’s Anatomy will return for an episode in May after a seven-year absence. Washington left the show in 2007 after being accused in relation to his gay co-star T.R. to have used homophobic slurs.

Does Addison get pregnant?

Addison’s affair with Derek’s best friend Mark Sloan drove the wedge even further and Derek’s departure to Seattle. Addison briefly attempted a relationship with Mark, which resulted in her becoming pregnant.

Is Jo pregnant by Alex?

The biggest shock was when Jo revealed at the aisle that she was pregnant to freak Alex out – until she revealed the truth. Alex was having a spooky day in the Pacific Northwest. He discovered that the construction for a new wing of the hospital was on top of a burial ground and had several problems with patients.

What episode does Jo tell Alex she’s pregnant?

However, towards the end of episode six of Grey’s Anatomy season 16 entitled “Whistlin’ Past The Graveyard” Jo finally manages to shock not only him but the fans as well .

Who is Jo Wilson’s baby daddy?

Luna Wilson is the daughter of Jo Wilson, who was born to her late patient Val Ashton.

Does Izzie meet her daughter?

10 Never meeting your daughter

Later, Izzie’s daughter, now called Hannah, arrived in Seattle Grace as a leukemia patient in need of a bone marrow transplant. She is happy to help and hopes to officially meet her child. Hannah disagrees and Izzie never interacts with her in the show’s timeline.

Does Alex get with Rebecca?

Rebecca returns and she and Alex sleep together before returning to her husband. Alex has a brief relationship with intern Lexie Gray (Chyler Leigh), but decides to be with Rebecca when she comes back and tells him she’s pregnant.

Did Alex and Meredith sleep together?

Under the Sheets

Justin Chambers and Ellen Pompeo on Grey’s Anatomy. ‘ After Alex confirmed he’d been lying in her sheets all day, Meredith forced him back onto her bed and the screen went black – and then things got extra flirtatious. “All day?” asked Meredith.



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