Does Janeece Keep Her Baby?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 10, 2022

However, when little Cheryl (named after Cheryl Cole) was born, Janeece knew she could never give up on her daughter and ended up keeping her.

Does Chloe keep the baby in Waterloo Road?

When Chlo found out she was pregnant with Izzie, she kept the baby, but towards the end of the pregnancy she decided to put Izzie up for adoption. Chlo’s amniotic fluid ruptured while she was in the girls’ bathroom while Donte was ready to divorce her and raise the baby himself with the help of Tom.

Does Maxine have a baby in Waterloo Road?

In the end, Maxine Janeece admits that the baby was indeed hers and that it was stillborn. Baby Charlotte was buried by Maxine and fathered by Lewis Seddon.

Does Janeece get married in Waterloo Road?

Do Donte and Chlo get divorced?

Donte threatens Chlo with divorce and says he and Chlo are “done” to get custody of his child. However, in the same episode (Series 4, Episode 18) Chlo goes into early labor and Donte decides that he cannot live without his wife and will therefore support whatever decision she makes.

Who does Janeece end up with?

Series 6. Janeece returned to Waterloo Road and became the school secretary in Series 6. She was pregnant at the time but did not feel ready to become a mother and agreed to give her baby to Waterloo Road’s food technology given to teacher Ruby Fry and her husband John Fry, who were unable to conceive their own child.

Does Chlo put the baby up for adoption?

Before the Birth

Although she originally intended to abort the baby, one of her best friends, Maxine Barlow, convinced her that Donte had a right to know. Donte was thrilled at the news, making it difficult for Chlo to share her views on the baby. She later decided to keep the baby and then put him up for adoption.

Does Mika have a baby Waterloo Road?

Mika is relieved that she isn’t pregnant, but Brett is disappointed as he slowly adjusts to the thought of having a baby. Mika later rejoins the musical when her replacement, Aleesha, is forced to quit and Mika and Brett become friends again. However, he is desperate to resume his relationship with Mika.

What happened to Kim’s baby in Waterloo Road?

In episode 18, Kim gave birth to her son via an emergency c-section. In episode 19, Kim is stressed out with the baby, so she’s tired when Chris wants to be with her. She says it’s not right for Chris to change her baby’s diaper when they haven’t even been on a date! She breaks up with him.

Who gets pregnant in Waterloo Road?

It’s Sambuca’s memorial day and everyone is struggling with their grief. Vicki discovers she is pregnant with Aiden’s child just as Jess drops a bombshell of her own.

What happened to chalky in Waterloo Road?

It ends quickly, however, when it turns out that Linda was the one who ran over Michael Byrne and only used Chalky to get back at Michael. In Series 7C Chalky decides to go to Scotland to attend Lorraine Donnegan’s new Waterloo Road School.

What happens to Fleur in Waterloo Road?

Romances. Fleur Budgen was the wife of English teacher Grantly Budgen. She was a recurring character on the series until she died in episode 25 of series 7.

When did Steph leave Waterloo Road?

In episode 19, she was removed from the role of finance director after using sexual harassment as a way to get money for school.

What happened to Chloe’s mum in Waterloo Road?

Do flick and Marley get back together?

After these events, Marley comforts a distraught Flick in front of the destroyed school as her father is taken away in the police car. Marley graduated after this episode and he and Flick go to college where they continue their relationship.

What happens at the end of Waterloo Road?

Rob shows his true colors when it is revealed he has no interest in saving the school, just trying to force Lorna into a reconciliation and he gets arrested after attacking Marco and setting him up with Kenzie in locked a walk-in freezer. who should lead the presentation.



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