Does Elizabeth Keen Have a Baby?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 10, 2022

Agnes Keen is the daughter of Elizabeth and Tom Keen.

Who is the father of Liz Keen’s baby?

Agnes is the daughter of Tom and Liz Keen. Liz gives birth to a child and shortly thereafter fakes her death to protect Agnes. After Tom is killed in Season 5 of The Blacklist, Liz leaves Agnes in the care of Susan Scott Hargrave.

Does Liz get her baby up for adoption?

Liz works with an adoption agency for her baby, but while a couple have agreed to take the baby, they insist on a closed adoption, which would prevent Liz from seeing their child.

Who does Elizabeth Keen end up with?

Around the same time she joined the FBI, she met and later married Tom Keen, taking his last name. It is later revealed in “Sutton Ross” that the real Raymond Reddington is her father, not the imposter who took his place 30 years ago and is currently known as Red.

Does Elizabeth Keen have a baby in Season 3?

Season 3 killed Agent Liz Keen (Boone) during childbirth. In a secret facility run under Reddington’s (Spader’s) thumb for everyone’s safety, she died.

Is Elizabeth Keen daughter of Reddington?

The Blacklist Season 6 has apparently unearthed the truth, revealing that Raymond Reddington is Liz’s father – but the man Liz knows is not Reddington.

Who kills Tom Keen?

Tom reads the DNA report and discovers Red’s secret. He arranges to meet Liz, but both are captured by Garvey and his men. Garvey brutally stabs Tom several times and takes the suitcase back. He then orders Navarro and his men to get rid of Liz and Tom, but Red and Dembe intervene just in time.

What episode does Elizabeth Keen give birth?

Solomon, the Conclusion

Does Tom cheat on Liz in blacklist?

“Jolene” and Tom are talking at a hotel bar and later go to the men’s room to make out, but are interrupted by a child. Jolene gives Tom a key card for her hotel room and walks out. Jolene lets Tom into her hotel room and awaits the start of a sexual affair.

Is Elizabeth Keen dead after giving birth?

A month after shocking viewers by killing Liz Keen (Megan Boone) at birth, The Blacklist revealed in the season 3 finale that she faked her death to catch the criminal mastermind Raymond Reddington (James Spader).

Is Agent Ressler in love with keen?

‘The Blacklist’ Season 8 focused on the romance between Donald Ressler and Elizabeth Keen. At the end of Season 7, The Blacklist cast a net for anyone desiring a Ressler/Keen romance. Although the two started out as a very contentious relationship, things grew into a trusting friendship over time.

Who is Agent Keen’s father?

Rostov is a businessman and the legal father of Elizabeth Keen, whom he actually believed to be his biological child. He was married to Katarina Rostova at the time of Masha Rostova/Elizabeth Keen’s birth, making him the legal father although he is not the biological father.

What season does Ressler kiss keen?

“The Blacklist” kicked off its eighth season tonight with several shocking moments, including one that fans have been waiting for since the series began: a kiss between Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) and her longtime partner partner Don Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff).

Do Tom and Lizzie get back together?

Back together!

Tom and Liz Keen will officially be reunited in the season 5 premiere of The Blacklist – and EW has the exclusive first look.

Why did Elizabeth leave blacklist?

Liz’s death was heartbreaking, even for viewers who weren’t big fans of the character. Boone’s decision to leave The Blacklist came from a desire to work on other projects. In fact, Boone wasted no time in making big strides in her career.

Why did Megan Boone leave blacklist?

Boone wanted to work on new projects and the decision to leave was made early on, allowing the show’s writers to create a compelling ninth season that explored her absence. She has started her own production company and landed a first-look deal with Sony Pictures Television.



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