Does Bree Have a Baby?

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She got engaged to boyfriend Ty Grant, but met Rex Van de Kamp and the two fell in love while in college. Bree and Rex married in 1987. Bree gave birth to their son Andrew in 1988 and their daughter Danielle in 1989.

Does Bree and Orson have a baby?

She and Orson became pregnant but miscarried several months later. Leo Katz – Danielle’s ex-husband, an environmentalist who adopted Benjamin but apparently left the family for unknown reasons.

Does Bree keep Danielle’s baby?

Danielle wanted to have the baby and raise the kid there. Bree doesn’t seem to be able to change her mind until she decided to surpass Phyllis by allowing Danielle to attend party college in Miami and gifting her a convertible. Danielle chose the car over the baby and decided to give the baby to Bree.

Who is Bree pregnant from in Desperate Housewives?

The couple honeymooned in Italy (“Sunday in the Park with George”) and upon their return, Bree became pregnant with the first of her two children by Rex, Andrew, who was born in 1988.

What episode does Bree get pregnant?

Does Edie get pregnant by Carlos?

After years of abuse and neglect, Edie left home and started her own real estate business. She then married her first husband, Dr. Charles McLain, and quickly became pregnant with their only child, Travers McLain.

Who is the father of Gabrielle’s baby?

Unborn Child – Gaby and Carlos‘s unborn child, who miscarried in the second season, three months into the pregnancy. If it were a girl, it would be Aurora. If it were a boy, it would be Charlie.

Does Gabby get pregnant?

The unborn child was a failed pregnancy between Gabriela Dawson and Matthew Casey. The child is accidentally conceived in the episode I Am the Apocalypse, where the two had sex “to relieve the stress of the day”. In the episode Spartacus we learn that Gabby is pregnant.

Who does Julie have a baby with in Desperate Housewives?

Susan later learns that the baby’s father is Porter Scavo (Charlie Carver), son of her friend Lynette (Felicity Huffman). Despite Julie’s insistence, Porter refuses to put her daughter up for adoption and plans to raise her herself. Eventually Julie decides to keep the baby.

Who does Susan end up with?

Sophie moves out when she and her ex-boyfriend get engaged. In the Season 3 finale, Susan marries her boyfriend of three years, Mike Delfino, and he moves in. Susan and Mike have a son named MJ Delfino and he lives with them.

Who is Bree second husband?

Orson Hodge was Bree’s second husband. Orson has hit a few basket cases in his time. His marriage to Bree was nothing short of mundane compared to the baggage he had accumulated prior to his arrival on Wisteria Lane.

Does Lynette have a miscarriage?

When she wakes up, Tom tells her that the sick baby died but the other survived. Despite her initial reluctance to even have these twins, Lynette cries for her lost baby. She’s having trouble processing her grief until Tom suggests she stay with her daughter after the birth.

Do Gabby and Carlos have babies?

Gabrielle agrees to have a child with Carlos, but her miscarriage causes complications and forces her to consider adoption. They prepare to adopt pole dancer Libby Collins’ (Nichole Hiltz) unborn baby.

Does Bree get caught faking her pregnancy?

In season four, Bree and Orson try to get people to believe she’s pregnant, but are dismayed that people want to feel the baby move. Phyllis, Rex’s mother, discovers Bree’s pregnancy hoax and tries to convince Danielle to raise the child herself.

Who’s the father of Bree’s baby?

Roger is the father of Bree’s baby in Outlander

After Bree cut Jemmy’s hair to get rid of the lice, Bree saw a mole. At first she was worried, but Roger calmed her fears. There was nothing sinister about this mole. Roger has one and he notes that it is hereditary.

Is Bree pregnant glee?

Puppet Master

After Jake awakens from his fantasy, he meets with Bree, who tells him that she is pregnant with his baby. She tells him to keep the secret and that they have to go to the doctor together.



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