Does Bala Hatun Have a Baby?

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Finally Bala Hatun gave birth to a baby after two seasons have passed.. Bozdag had extended her pregnancy by two years… Finally Bala Hatun gave birth to a baby after two seasons have passed were.. Bozdag had prolonged her pregnancy for two years…

Did Osman and Bala have a child?

Rabia Bala Malhun Hatun (Ottoman Turkish: رابعه بالا مالهون خاتون; died January 1324) was the first and only wife of the Ottoman Sultan Osman I. She was the daughter of the famous Sheik Edebali & ; ; Alaeddin Pasha of the Ottoman Empire.

Will Malhun Hatun have a child?

In the previous episode, Malhun Hatun was shown to be pregnant with Osman’s child. Fans are wondering if Bala will lose her importance in Osman’s life after receiving the long-awaited news from Malhun. Bala Hatun will always remain Osman’s first love and the chief Hatun of the tribe.

How many wives did Ertugrul Ghazi have?

How many children did Bala Hatun and Osman have?

During his reign, he first married Mal Hatun by whom he had a son, Orhan Gazi, who later became the next Sultan. After Mal Hatun, he married Bala Hatun, who gave birth to another son, Alaaddin, who became his Grand Vizier when he grew up. He had a total of 8 sons and 1 daughter.

Who was Osmans first wife?

He was a very brilliant horseman and fencer. He married Mal Sultana, daughter of the famous Omer Bey. Mal Sultan gave birth to Orhan, who ascended the throne. Osman Gazi valued the opinion of Edebali (the famous Ahi Sheik) and he respected him.

Why did goktug leave Osman?

The last episode showed Goktug being stabbed in front of Osman Bey, who remains in captivity. The role of Goktug is played by Burak Çelik, who reportedly wanted to leave the TV series to work on another project. His character was killed of his own volition as he was no longer interested in playing the role.

Does Osman fall in love with malhun hatun?

Nevertheless, there was a moment of joy in the last episode when Osman Bey married Malhun Hatun. However, there was also an attack on the Kayi tribe on the migration route. However, since Malhun herself comes from a princely tribe, she will play a key role as Osman’s partner in the upcoming episodes.



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