Do Noel and Ruby Have a Baby?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 4, 2022

Ruby confides in Felicity, who tells her to do what she wants to do, and then Ruby runs out of the abortion appointment and tearfully tells Noel she’s having the baby. Noel says, “Cool, thanks for that Felicity.”

What happens with Ruby and Noel?

Ruby later meets Noel and they start a relationship. As soon as Ruby gets a job in a movie, she leaves Noel in New York. After she comes back, we learn that she was having an affair with a producer named Wade. She decides to keep her baby and it will be the downfall of Noel and Ruby’s relationship.

Who is father of Rubys baby on Felicity?

Noel was initially mistaken for the father until she did an ultrasound which confirmed the date of conception was when she was away for the film. She admitted to having an affair with a director and left New York to raise her baby at home with her parents in the Season 2 season finale.

Who does Noel marry at the end of Felicity?

Noel ends the relationship after two or three months when he learns that Ruby is pregnant with a child who is not related to him. In the summer between junior and senior, Noel drops out of college, gets high points, and marries Javier’s cousin, Natalie (Ali Landry)..

What happens to Noel on Felicity?

Somewhere in the past, Noel dies in a fire. When Felicity returns to the future in the two-hour series finale, Elena is inexplicably alive and Felicity ends up with everyone celebrating Noel’s (who has also been revived) marriage to someone else.

Does Ruby get pregnant in Felicity?

In season two, Felicity follows in Noel’s footsteps and becomes the RA at Kelvin Hall, and Amy plays one of its residents, Ruby. Ruby and Noel start dating, but things fall apart when she gets pregnant, courtesy of the “director” in her “movie” (quotes added because I thought that plot was stupid held).

Does Ben get Lauren pregnant?

Ben staggers as Lauren drops the bombshell that she’s pregnant from their one night together four months ago. Noel also revisits a past affair when he has a chance encounter with Zoe Webb.

Does Noel have a baby in Felicity?

Ruby confides in Felicity, who tells her to do what she wants to do, and then Ruby runs out of the abortion appointment and tearfully tells Noel she’s having the baby. Noel says, “Cool, thanks for that Felicity.”

Do Felicity and Noel ever get back together?

Her relationship with Noel never really recovers. Team Ben fans’ wishes were granted when Felicity and Ben shared their first kiss. Felicity tells Ben she can’t go on a road trip with him because it wouldn’t be fair to Julie. Meanwhile, Noel offers Felicity a ticket to Berlin, but she’s torn and can’t make up her mind.

What episode does Noel find out the baby isn’t his?

College couple Ruby and Noel discover she’s pregnant. Despite being desperate, Ruby considers keeping the baby. When Noel asks about her job prospects, she sombers and says she doesn’t want to get pregnant.

Does Ben have a baby with Lauren on Felicity?

Ben’s baby daddy gig is getting serious – Lauren gives him a printout of the ultrasound and it’s a boy. Despite his active attempts to get involved as a father-to-be, Ben’s plan to keep Lauren in NYC fails and she decides to move to Arizona, where her ex is also moving with bad news?!

Does Ben cheat on Felicity with Avery?

Turns out he scored a B-minus in the final where he didn’t cheat, which he’s pleased about, but Avery says, “That sucks, you should have cheated ” and for some reason he needs that to realize she’s terrible.

Did Felicity sleep with Eli?

Felicity comes clean and admits that she and Eli were together last night and she slept with him.

Who does Ben end up with on Felicity?

The show had fans locked in a Team Ben vs. Team Noel debate, while Russell’s hair makeover in season two shook the world to the core. Finally, thanks to the Sarah McLachlan soundtrack, the show ended with Felicity getting together with Speedman’s Ben – well, that was the first ending.

Who does Julie end up with on Felicity?

After a while, they seem to be on different paths and Julie breaks things up with Ben, only to find out he cheated on her with Felicity. After some estrangement, they eventually manage to become friends again and are always close because of their history.

Why do Ben and Felicity break up?

‘The List’ (Season 2, Episode 2) Few things in this world are more frustrating than a relationship that lasts forever and then ends before it even begins. Yes, Felicity chose Ben, but his discovery of a recording she definitely shouldn’t have left lying around puts the relationship at an untimely end.



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