Do Mako and Wu Get Together?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 10, 2022

Wuko is mainly shipped alongside Korrasami and the other canon pairings as it resolves the fact that Mako was the only main character not in a relationship by the end of the series.

Who does Mako end up with Lok?

The creators decided to separate Mako and Asami and bring Korra and Mako (whose ship name is “Makorra”) together at the end of Season 1.

Who does Mako date first?

Mako later dates Asami Sato, the daughter of wealthy industrialist and fire ferret sponsor Hiroshi Sato. After the equalists attacked the Pro Bending Arena, Mako and Bolin moved in with Asami.

Who does Mako like?

He falls in love with Asami when she accidentally runs him over and they start dating. They seem happy together, but Mako, despite his relationship with Asami, also harbors feelings for Korra.

What happened to Prince Wu?

Great-nephew of the late Earth Queen Hou-Ting and great-grandson of Earth King Kuei, was forced to leave the Earth Kingdom due to its instability and sought refuge in Republic City, where he was later crowned in 174 AG.

Is Mako still in love with Korra?

Okay, recap. Mako first went into denial about his feelings for Korra in season 1 and eventually broke up with Asami because his true feelings for Korra became too much for him. That’s why they came together.

Who did Bolin marry?

Does Mako cheat on Korra?

8 Mako cheated on Asami with Korra

This explains why he could never decide between the two and has cheated on Asami on several occasions.

Who is Zuko’s son in Legend of Korra?

Iroh is voiced by Dante Basco, who also voiced his grandfather Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Do Bolin and Opal end up together?

Sometime over the next three years, they entered into a romantic relationship. By 174 AG, Bolin and Opal were still together, although the couple were forced to live apart because Bolin joined the Earth Empire military to bring unity to the Earth Kingdom.

What episode does Korra kiss Mako?

The Spirit of Competition” is the fifth episode of The Legend of Korra which aired on Nickelodeon on May 5th, 2012.

Does iketani end up with Mako?

Iketani was about to say that he really loved her, but when Mako told him that she would become a professional racer, Iketani decided not to open his feelings towards her as it could distract her career and affect her negatively. Although they said they would meet later, they haven’t met since.

Who is Avatar Korra’s boyfriend?

Asami Sato is one of the main characters of The Legend of Korra. She is the daughter of Hiroshi Sato, the company president of Future Industries and a member of the new Team Avatar. She is also Mako’s former love interest and Korra’s main love interest.

Is Prince Wu a bender?

Although Wu wasn’t a bender himself, Wu, with the help of his squad of Badger Moles, was able to dig bunkers to hide civilians, distract tanks, and protect his friends.

Who is Prince Wu’s mother?

Do people ship Korra and Asami?

Mako’s reaction to Korra and Asami’s romantic relationship. Korra and Asami are the first same-sex couple in Nickelodeon history. Bryan Konietzko claims to be the very first Korrasami shipper and has been shipping it since 2010.



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