Do Kpop Idols Live Together?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 7, 2022

Most idol groups live together in dormitories, similar to how college students sleep together. However, your dorms offer more privacy and are likely to be much larger than your college dorm. But why? This is because Koreans are more used to community life than individualism.

Does KPOP Idol have their own house?

It doesn’t matter though as they practice or preform most of the time so there’s no point in buying a house that you won’t be using. But most idols who leave their band or start families buy their own homes so they can provide for themselves and their families.

Do K-pop idols live in the same building?

It’s not specifically for idols or anything, it’s just regular family apartments in townhouses. You sign a lease (usually 1-2 years) and the whole group and often a manager live in it.

How long do K-pop groups usually stay together?

Most idols have a seven year contract with their company, which has led to what fans call the “seven year curse” – where bands tend to disband or certain members leave the group after seven years years.

Do K-pop trainees live in dorms?

Both trainees and debuting K-pop idols typically live in dormitories, where their management agencies control their diet, love life, and behavior.

Do kpop idols pay for their dorm?

So a “dormitory” that idols talk about is basically just a standard apartment in Seoul that the company rents for them to live in. It’s not dedicated to idols or anything like that, it’s just normal family apartments in apartment buildings.

Where do most Kpop idols live?

Cheongdam-dong and Apgujeong-dong are home to many Korean actors, actresses and idols, miles of luxury shops, wild nightlife and Korea’s largest entertainment companies.

What happens to failed K-pop idols?

Definitely they will be kicked out of the industry and all their efforts will turn to rubbish in no time. A former K-pop idol reveals why the groups fail or disband. K-pop agencies charge for everything from debut groups to video production to clothing and food. It costs at least 500,000 USD.

How do K-pop idols deal with periods?

Do K-pop companies pay for your school?

The agencies therefore attach as much importance to the education of the trainees as to their appearance, their behavior and their general education. Smaller companies may expect you to pay for school, but the larger agencies like SM, JYP and YG can pay for your education.

What is the 7 year curse K-pop?

The “7-year curse” is a term that comes up whenever a K-pop group disbands after several years in the music industry.

Which K-pop group has longest contract?


SHINHWA has gone through several agencies, but the members are still together. Not only is it the longest-running K-pop group, but they’ve managed to pull off the feat with no member turnover. they debuted as 6 and are still together as 6.

At what age do K-pop idols get married?

Typically, K-pop idols get married in their early/mid 30s or 40s.

Do K-pop companies have showers?

Each pair of trainees from each dormitory is assigned one of four shower rooms (each with ten showers) that they are allowed to use. The toilets are available to all trainees.

Do JYP trainees have to pay?

When he spoke about whether trainees were being paid, he confirmed that they weren’t: “Instead, there really is nowhere that money can be used. They can live on the allowance and they pay for a place for trainees to sleep, they feed them and take care of the classes. They take care of everything.”

Where would you live if you become a K-pop trainee?

Most of the kpop trainees live in dormitories provided by their agency. Especially larger companies and companies that earn certain sums of money. The trainees of the small businesses live in their own rented apartments and pay for their meals and the bare essentials themselves.



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