Do Goldfish Like to Live Together?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 7, 2022

Goldfish get along well with most peaceful fish of a similar size. Pincers and boisterous fish should be avoided. If kept without a heater they should be kept with other fish that can tolerate cooler water temperatures. They are sociable, which means they like to hang out together.

Do goldfish prefer to live alone or in pairs?

In fact, many goldfish can live long, healthy, and happy lives all on their own. However, keep in mind that not all goldfish are happy alone, and some prefer the company of other aquarium mates.

Do goldfish like to be in pairs?

No, goldfish don’t have to be in pairs. Goldfish can live alone without any problems. In the wild, goldfish tend to live solitary, and since they don’t school, you don’t need to keep them in pairs.

Can goldfish be housed together?

Different types of goldfish can go well together, while others can be a bad combination. In general, faster moving fish should not be paired with slower fish as it can cause those fish to starve. Common goldfish tend to get along well with other goldfish of similar body types, such as comets and shubunkins.

Is it cruel to keep a single goldfish?

Goldfish just aren’t the same as humans – they’re not social animals in the same way we are, and they don’t have the same ability to get bored or crave companionship. In fact, many of the longest-lived goldfish have been kept alone with no apparent impact on their welfare.

What size tank do I need for 2 goldfish?

Based on the above rules, our recommended goldfish tank size for two goldfish is: 42 gallons for two common goldfish. That’s 30 gallons for the first fish and an additional 12 gallons for the second fish.

Do goldfish need tank mates?

Peaceful and playful, goldfish can thrive in a multi-species environment. However, curating a goldfish community habitat isn’t as easy as it might seem. The hardest part of building a thriving community with these freshwater fish is selecting compatible goldfish aquarium mates.

Can 2 goldfish live together in a bowl?

During my experiments with keeping fish in bowls, I found out first hand it WAS possible to run a bowl like a normal aquarium and have the ammonia & Nitrite constant 0 on “messy” goldfish. I’ve also kept 2 goldfish in a 3 gallon planted bowl that were so happy and healthy they even spawned!

Do fish get lonely in a tank?

In captivity, it is highly recommended that they be kept at least in pairs for companionship. If you observe fish in a tank, you will see that they regularly engage with other fish. It is believed that lonely fish, like lonely humans, can suffer from depression and lethargy.

Do goldfish get sad?

Fish can become depressed too, researchers say, and studies are being conducted in aquatic animals to find treatments for people suffering from the condition. You might be wondering what humans could possibly have in common with fish, but experts say there’s more than you think.

Why did my goldfish eat my other goldfish?

If goldfish don’t have enough space, they may get stressed and eat other fish to clean up the space. Each goldfish requires 10 gallons of water. So if you add a second goldfish to your aquarium you will need 20 gallons of water and so on. If the tank is overfilled, there will likely be problems.

Why do my goldfish stay together?

Overcrowding, lack of oxygen, overfeeding and poor nutrition are stressors that can cause fish to huddle at the bottom of the pond.

What fish can be in a tank with goldfish?

Guppies. Guppies are among the most popular freshwater fish in aquariums. They are peaceful by nature and make good companions in the goldfish tank. One thing to keep in mind is that they are viviparous, so they will have babies from time to time.

Do goldfish get bored in tanks?

Fish keepers sometimes see their pets “glass surfing” – swimming up and down the glass of the tank repeatedly. This might be the aquatic equivalent of the pacing of a captive tiger bored for lack of stimulation. But the fish could also be stressed by an overcrowded or unfamiliar tank.

Do fish feel sad when other fish dies?

No, fish don’t get “sad” when another fish dies. Fish have brains capable of some kind of “emotion,” but not to the degree that humans feel. You don’t feel like sadness, but maybe you feel something to a lesser extent.

Are bowls good for goldfish?

Some goldfish will live happily their entire lives in 3-5 gallon bowls, but ideally an adult goldfish should be kept in a 10 gallon bowl or better. This gives room for water changes when life gets hectic and ensures water quality is maintained.



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