Do Cat and Nat Live Together?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 11, 2022

What city do cat and Nat live in?

They are two moms living in Toronto together with 7 kids who seem to have this crazy ability to refine what all of us moms really think! Between her daily Facebook Live shows and her Instagram Stories, I kept thinking about how badly I wanted to photograph her.

Do Cat and Nat have husbands?

24.6.000 Likes, 1.733 Comments – Cat & Nat (@catandnat) on Instagram: “Yes, we have husbands (our own husbands🤪), their names are both Mark/Marc (crazy, we know).

Are cat and Nat sisters?

Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer – better known as Cat & Nat – became friends in high school, got back together after they both became moms, started a social media empire and are now touring with their show on their fourth tour together.

How did Cat and Nat meet?

Where did you meet? Cat: We met in high school in Toronto. We always say that we met outside of school because that’s where we spent most of our time and hanging out [laughs]. Motherhood brought us together again.

What does cat and NATS husbands do?

We walk the dogs and let the seven children play while we work, cook lunch, feed the children and chat. Once the husbands have finished work, they join us for cocktails and dinner.

How many kids do NAT and cat have?

HER MISSION HAS ALWAYS BEEN TO BRING WOMEN AND MOTHERS LAUGHTER AND COMMUNITY. With seven children, Cat & You know how lonely and isolating motherhood can be.

What are cat and Nat real names?

Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer (better known as Cat and Nat) make a strong team.

Who is Natalie Telfer?

She is the bubbly, talkative mother of four and part of the dynamic duo Cat & Nat, meet Natalie Telfer.

How long is the Kat and Nat show?


90 minutes.

Did Cat and Nat graduate high school?

Facts – we both got kicked out of high school. One of us didn’t finish high school and the other one had to finish…

Do Nat and cat have podcasts?

Cat & Nat dreamed up the idea of ​​adding a podcast to her repertoire and actually doing Cat & Nat style, it’s here! If you Cat & Nat Unfiltered, the podcast!



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