Did Madison and Chase Breakup?

FAQs Cindy Castillo August 5, 2022

E! News and People (opens in new tab) confirmed the news that Madelyn and Chase have split after sources made the big reveal. A source told People, “Madelyn and Chase are no longer together. They tried to work things out privately but broke up a few months ago.”

Are Madelyn and Chase Stokes still together?

Stokes, 29, and Cline, 24, called it quits in late 2021 after dating for over a year. “Chase and Madelyn aren’t dating anymore,” a source exclusively told Page Six at the time. “It is no secret among those who know them that they have broken up.”

Did Chase and Madelyn get back together?

“Their relationship was very serious before and now they’re slowly starting to reconnect and try again. They’re not back into it, but they’re taking it easy and seeing where things go.” Neither Chase nor Madelyn have yet spoken publicly about their relationship status.

Are John B and Sarah still dating in 2021?

Chase and Madelyn, who appear in Netflix’s Outer Banks as love interests John Booker Routledge and Sarah Cameron, confirmed their relationship in June 2020 before ending it over a year later in November 2021. However, the former couple was photographed at the end of the month spending time together.

Is Sarah and John B still together in real life?

They play lovers in Outer Banks, but Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline quit in IRL. A source confirms to E! News that the duo – who star in the hit Netflix series as loving couple John B and Sarah Cameron – have split after more than a year of dating. Per People, they ended things a few months ago.

Who is dating on Outer Banks?

Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline stole our hearts as one of Netflix’s it couples on the Outer Banks series. The undeniable on-screen chemistry between their characters John B and Sarah made it easy for them to become fan favorites when they announced they were dating IRL.



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