Can boys wear Salt-Water Sandals?

FAQs Cindy Castillo October 8, 2022

Yes, all of our sandals are 100% unisex and designed for both boys and girls

How can you tell if Salt-Water Sandals are fake?

To ensure your sandals are authentic Hoy Shoe Co, here are some key components to look out for: “Hoyway” is stamped on the bottom of each sole with the size in the middle ; Most models (not all) have the brand name embossed into the leather on the upper straps. Silver or gold leaf is used to add style or…

Are Salt-Water Sandals waterproof?

So are saltwater sandals waterproof? Yes, saltwater sandals are waterproof! So you can actually wear saltwater sandals in the sea, making them perfect for strolling along the beach.

Are Salt-Water Sandals comfy?

As long-time fans of the brand will know, Salt-Water sandals are super comfortable; Made from the softest leather, they will mold to the unique shape of your feet over time. If you’re new to the brand, you might be surprised to learn that your salties could use a little stretch.

Do Salt-Water Sandals have arch support?

I was pretty heartbroken because they are as comfortable as everyone raves, even though they have no arch support.

Do Salt-Water Sandals fit wide feet?

The Salt-Water Classic is an adjustable leather flat sandal that comes in a variety of gorgeous colors and is fully adjustable making it our best wide fit sandals and of course suitable for those with wide feet.

How do you wear Salt-Water Sandals?

If they feel tight against your foot at first, grasp them and gently pull the leather straps in opposite directions. This will help loosen them up and as you wear them they will conform to your feet. The brand even recommends running the tap on your sandals if you have a sore spot and wearing them until they dry.

Are Salt-Water Sandals made in China?

Saltwater sandals are made in both the USA and China. Salt Water Sandals still makes sandals on the original 1940’s machines at the Hoy factory in Missouri, St. Louis.

Do kids Salt-Water Sandals run big?

They are true to size. I’m usually a 7 so had to order big kid size 6. Fits perfectly.

Do Salt-Water Sandals run true to size?

Is the shoe size the same as the sandal size? For adults, we tend to recommend sizing up, but Salt-Waters is the same size for kids. Therefore a UK size 9 child would need a size 9 Salt-Water. The difference to the Sun-San series is the spongy urethane sole.

Should you size down for sandals?

Sometimes it’s better to go a size or half larger than your normal shoe size as your feet can expand throughout the day, especially in the warmer months or when you stand for long periods . By sizing up, you give your feet enough room to stretch without making your sandals too tight.

How do I make my Salt-Water Sandals more comfortable?

Another way to stretch leather sandals is to put them on and soak your feet in water for about five minutes. Leave them on for the next few hours and let them air dry as you go about your day. This helps soften the leather and speeds up the process of fitting the sandals to your feet.



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